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The 6 to 10 project

We're building a community to help you bring your side projects to the world

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The 6-to-10 project is here to help anyone bring their business ideas to life.



Notebook full of great ideas that you’ve done nothing with? ✅

Keep seeing new products and saying ‘I thought of that 2 years ago’? ✅

Looking for something of your own that you can be truly passionate about? ✅


We’re building a community to give you the inspiration, tools and support to take your ideas from your notebook and into the world.

A 6-to-10 project is the opposite of a 9-to-5. It’s what you do on your own time away from work, university or looking after the kids. You could use that time to watch Netflix, check facebook or browse pinterest. OR you can invest that time in creating something of your own.

This isn’t necessarily about becoming an ‘entrepreneur’. Or about giving up your day job or raising millions of investment. If you’ve got the passion to create, the willingness to learn, and can accept that there will be lots of failure on the path to success then we want to help you start something - whatever that might be.

We’re a couple of founders who spent years filling up moleskine notebooks with ideas that would change the world and make our fortune.

Turns out they didn’t and they wouldn’t.

We hadn’t yet realised the most important part of building a successful business wasn’t having a great idea. It was about taking the first step to turn that idea into reality.

Eventually we got there, and we’ve since built and launched online companies and hardware products, raised millions in investment, succeeded and failed (multiple times!). The companies and products we’ve built have featured in Forbes, The Times, Wired, The Guardian, New York Times, Washington Post and even in Vogue. We’ve gone on to help more than a hundred other companies launch, grow and make their own dent in the world.

Today we have 9-to-5 jobs that we love. We work with amazing teams, building companies that we truly believe in. However, this is our very own 6-to-10 project. It's where we can share what we’ve learnt and give you the opportunity to learn from us and from the worldwide network of founders and entrepreneurs that we’ve met and worked with over the years.

The key to satisfaction in life is in taking risks, getting out of your comfort zone and pushing your limits. Creating something that other people love is the best feeling in the world. So, if you want to take that first step towards doing it yourself then come join us.